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On the Surface Gallery

Ah the glory days. The detail on the subs was so incredible; it was almost as exciting to watch the ride as to ride it (well not at all, but it was still fun). The Nautili in this ride were green whereas all the others, including the one from the movie, are bronze/brass. For me, the real Natuilus will always be green.

This was the attraction poster for the ride; what a work of art!
It's interesting how ridiculously similar it is to the
Submarine Voyage poster (20K's sister attraction in Disneyland, R.I.P.). You can buy reprints of both posters here.

Despite the 20Ker’s best efforts, the line was often infamously long and hot.

The ride was just too darn popular.

Make any trouble in line and Mike will feed you to the sharks.
(Oh, not afraid of animatronic sharks? Well you should be...)

Now don't be shy little Nautilus...

Lemmie just take a look under the hood here...
Actually, everyone had to climb in though there and handicapped people had to be carried down; which is often sited as part of the reason the ride was shut down.

A sailor's life is so very lonely...

There's no turning back now! You're stuck on the scariest ride ever.


My dad took this photo! Nice work dad!

Look at all those rivets! The detail was incredible. It's too bad they were just fiberglass rivets...

She moves nice and slow...

The water was such a beautiful chlorine blue.

Long shot of the lagoon here.

The Skyway ride in the background there (coincidentally also shut down in 1994) provided for most of the aerial 20K shots we see today.
(This shot from the collection of ED Tucker.)

Nick Petronella sent this sweet skyway shot in.

Thanks to Eric Paddon for another cool skyway shot! After this, she heads...

...into The Deep!

A last glimpse...

What mysteries await inside??
Thanks to Jeff Lange of Jeff Lange DVD for this sweet shot.)

Returning from the depths...uhm, of that cave!

That's no animatronic at the helm!

This image is from a Disney postcard. If your friend went to Disney World and didn't send you this postcard then they didn't send you the best postcard they could have.

I have no idea what conditions it takes for fog to rise from the lagoon, but I love it!

Can you believe this was real?

Two of them?! If Nemo saw this photo his brain would explode.

It's looking at you.

My God. That is just magnificent.

Another nice shot from the skyway here...

A great aerial, must be helecopter?

Here come the bubbles!!

Sir! We're surrounded by bubbles!

The home stretch, another Disney postcard.

"Returning to base Sir!"
Again thanks to Jeff Lange of Jeff Lange DVD.)

Mission Accomplished!
Now they just have to wait for parking.

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