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It's a little mind blowing to think that there must be hundreds of thousands of pictures and hours upon hours of video of the 20K ride floating around out there. If you've got something please share with us and help keep the memory of the 20K ride alive! Giant squid pics fetch double bounty! Even if you don't have anything, ask around, you might be surprised.


  • Clean copy of the ride audio, direct from original soundtrack.
  • More clear still photos of the cavern (dark) portions of the ride while it was running.
  • Underwater long shot of the 20K sub that was moved to the Caribbean.


For pictures it's great if you can scan them and email them to me at dave@20kride.com. The bigger and higher quality the better, up to about 1500x1000 (beyond that is getting a little ridiculous). If you think your pictures are really bang-up good but don't have access to a scanner please contact me anyway and let's see if we can't work something out. You will of course retain control of any photos that you share; if at any point you want them removed I will take them down.


If you have video, especially nice video, then you've got magnetic gold so please email me! If you don't have a way to get your tape duplicated I may be willing to cover the cost of you sending it to me so I can copy the footage and send it back.

Financial Support

The hosting costs of 20kride.com all of it come out of my pocket, and I happily shoulder the burden for my love of 20K, but any support is greatly appreciated. If you'd like to help out the first thing you can do is buy a T-shirt; I'd rather you get something for your money anyway! Beyond that, PayPal donations of any amount are of course welcome, just click the link below. Thanks!