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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Disney World

The 20K History Lecture
I gave this encore performance of my 20K lecture for "The Best of Nerd Nite" series. Featuring a live skype interview with a 20K crew member!
Galapagos - Brooklyn, NY

20K Ride Ultimate Video! (Version 3)
Here it is, the Holy Grail you've been looking for; the entire ride from start to finish! I've cut together the best parts of four different 20K videos to make the ultimate 20K ride video! Version 3 is a vast improvement, with a ton of much sharper footage, multiple passes of key scenes, and everything has been color corrected and brightened to bring out as much detail as possible!

Two of the source videos incorporated here appear courtesy of Extinct Attractions Club and Jeff Lange DVD. Both of these guys have excellent DVDs and I highly recommend you pick them up for the great extra content.

Mysterious Island at DisneySea Tokyo

20K Ride Tokyo ridethrough (subtitled)
I shot this video while on a business trip to Tokyo in 2004. It was a very quiet weekday and I was able to ride it 7 times in a row without waiting in line. This footage is cut from the best moments of all those runs so is quite good.Thanks to my cousin Ren and his wife Hiroko for the translation! The only caveat is that it's B&W because I had to use night-vision to see anything. Oh man, I wish we had night-vison footage of the original 20K ride...

Les Mystères du Nautilus at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Nautilus Walkthrough
Martin Smith sent in this great walkthrough of the Paris 20K attraction, complete with goofy squid attack!

The Subs After the Shutdown

Nautilus submerged at Castaway Cay
This is some great swim-by footage of the ride sub that's submerged in the snorkeling lagoon at Disney's Carribean island! "The Nautiuls is here!!"

Audio Clips

20K Line Queue MusicListen
This is the line queue music from the Disney World 20K ride. You can close your eyes and pretend you're waiting in line for the best ride in the world!

20K Line Queue Music w/ NarrationListen
This is also line queue music that I was told was from the Disney World 20K ride, but it's different than the one above and has narration peppered in it. Perhaps it's actually from the 50's Disneyland attraction?

20K Music Suite Listen
This is a fan-made audio suite of music from various 20K sources; including the Tokyo and Paris 20K rides.