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Here it is – the most complete archive of photos of the Disney World 20K ride anywhere! Dive! Dive! Some pages still have lots of photos on them and may take a while to load. Each photo is sized to be satisfying as is, but ones with a magnifying glass next to them can be clicked on to see the full size version. Enjoy! And if you have more photos please contribute!

Other 20K Attractions

These galleries contain photos of other 20K attractions from the past and around the world. Clearly none of them measure up to our beloved Disney World ride, but the pictures are certainly worth looking at.

Going way back, there was another 20K ride in Luna Park (Coney Island, New York) that opened in 1903, but it obviously wasn't based on Harper Goff's bad-ass design so let's forget about it.


I have tried to contact the owners of photos for permission, but wasn't always successful. If your photos are here without your consent then please contact me so we can make right, or if you insist, I will remove them.

Photo credits and many thanks go to (in no particular order after the first few): Bert "Bass" O'Connor, Mike Buchanan, Bob Gurr, Miss M. Turner, Mike Lee of Widen Your World, "The Man on the Inside", Kerri Keene of John Keene's Disney World, Jeff Lange of Jeff Lange DVD, Nick Petronella, Robert Boyd, Bill Schmidt, Sherry Patterson, Gordon Smuder, Jennifer Menken, Gerald Dagel, Elizabeth Sloan, Andrew Cook, Alexander Papayanis, Brian Thompson, Eric Squeege, Thomas A Kozak, Robert Fleming of DisneyPix.com, S. Jason Fox, Rain, Fredric Divel, Mike Prendergast, Steven Kaye, Mary Rolfe, Boz Adams, Ben Coccio, Ty Bumgardner, Gunter Baumgarten, Randy Kung, Steve Frearson, Steve Burns, Ian Parkinson and Ted of Mouse Mouse Planet, Sébastien Barthe, Marc Borrelli, and the Brooks brothers, ED Tucker.

While I'm thanking people I'd also like to thank David Alcorn for design help with this site, and Rock Podrazik for programming the elegant guestbook.