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Les Mystères du Nautilus at Disneyland Paris — Interior

After you go down the spiral staircase under the tower you're supposed to be sufficiently disoriented so that you won't realize that you're not walking through the Nautilus in the lagoon. Don't be fooled!

Using this map and other's notes I've tried to arrange these photos in the order they appear in the walkthrough. Please let me know if I've got anything mixed up.

The "access tunnel" to the "underwater side entrance" into the sub. I love the wood the ceilings! So classy.

Have a few more "N"s...

You enter the Nautilus treasure room first. I know, treasure usually comes last, but remember: on the Nautilus, treasure is ballast. (Because it's far easier to come by than rocks.)

How Ned Lad's fiddle constitutes treasure I can't say. Unless the treasure is that it's locked away from him. "A Whale of a Tail" was playing in the background of one of the video clips I was working with and I've had it stuck in my head for two days now. Please shoot me.

Nemo's bedroom. For a socialist he sure give himself a nice room. (He was sort of a a socialist, wasn't he?)

Wouldn't it be great to have rivets like that in the walls of you bedroom? So cool.

20K enthusiasts love to go though this exhibit and point out the inaccuracies. Q: What's wrong with this picture? A: Nemo would never put books that close to the sink; he had far too much respect for books to risk getting them wet.

Fantastic, I love the styling.

Ba-wooga? (That's a klaxon sound.) Is there an emergency going on here or is it just a bad photograph?


Vulcania, sweet Valcania.
Here's a question I wonder: Did Jules Verne invent the idea of the secret island hideaway?

It sucks that you can't climb up into the wheelhouse, Nemo keeps it chained off because he hates meddlers.

Get that man off my ship! He's blowing the illusion!

It's the infamous squid fryer lever!

The detail really is fantastic.

You too! Clear off! On to the air lock...

That's the best part.

These reproduction suits were made by Tom Scherman, the ultimate Nautilus enthusiast.

Creepy cool!

So that's where they're keeping James Mason.

"N" is for Nemo!

The keys are all busted!

Views of the Salon.

Disoriented yet?

This squid model is absolutely super!

I would die to have this in my living room.

The salon porthole looks quiet enough. But as its iris opens...

YAAA! Giand squid attack!


The last stop is the engine room, which unfortunately doesn't move.

And here's the French movie poster, thrown in for good measure. Evocative, isn't it?

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