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Mysterious Island at DisneySea Tokyo

Finally, a ride! It's in goofy little Nautil-pods, but at least it's a ride. Unlike the original 20K ride, this one uses no water save for what's sandwiched between the double pane windows. I've been on the ride and the effect is quite good, but somehow it just doesn't feel right. The animatronics are astounding, but you just know you're not under water and it detracts. Maybe it's that they could never replicate the lighting of the undersea world. Still, the ride was thrilling, and luckily I went on a quiet day and was able to ride it back to back seven times in a row. Other people have mixed opinions about it, the Laughing Place review and full description certainly found it sound amazing, but on Theme Park Insider it only gets so-so reviews. Ted has an excellent photo essay of this ride on Mouse Planet, which includes some great discussion of Disney and 20K through the years.

Here's one Japanese fansite's hilarious description: "Mount Prometheus in Mysterious island. The volcanic island which exists in the center which is most conspicuous in the hall. A setup that the captain Nemo of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" resides. I erupt sometimes in this way. There is a popular attraction called a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in an inside. Seemingly, this has imagined an famous SF novel of same name. The last direction dives at great speed in darkness. It is very fearful. It is still more fearful when it rides on a head. I rode and died at the head. Fast-Pass use is possible."

"Ah, Mount Prometheus at last!"

"Hello everyone, I'm Captain Nemo, and welcome to Vulcania, my Mysterious Island!"

"Let me just park the ferry over here..."

"Here, take this map, it makes Mysterious Island a little less mysterious."

"I might also suggest you read up on Vulcania with this handy plaque."

"I've really been able to make a lot of improvements since Coke became my sponsor."

"Ah the Nautilus. Isn't she a beauty?"

"This one is much better than that mock-up one I built for the French."

"Did you know that I'm not French? I'm actually Indian, and in the book I wore a turban. But Disney didn't think I would look so hot in a turban so they didn't put one on James Mason."

"Still, I thought James Mason did a bang-up job portraying me. I should like to meet him someday, any idea where they're keeping him?"

"And you know, Kirk Douglas can sing pretty good, I was surprised."

"The awesome detail shouldn't surprise—after all, it is a real submarine!"

"Moving on..."

"Just wait in on my spiral ramp for several hours while I prepare afternoon tea for us all."

"The Japanese people here are very friendly."

"Ah, I see you've noticed my restaurant, 'Vulcania'."

"I named it after my island."

"Only the best for our guests."

"The finest in buffet dining!"

"I'm hoping business will pick up as the Mysterious Island becomes less mysterious."

"Why, it's perfectly safe for him to be sitting that close to on of my nuclear reactors!"

"What? Even spartan outlaws who've declared war on mankind enjoy their ice cream!"

"Never let it be said that I'm not an equal opportunity employer."

"Carry on Yuki-chan"

"Have you never seen a water fountain before?"

"Nor a fire extinguisher disguised as a lamp?"

"Oh, you'd like to pop into the Mysterious Gift Shop? I don't see why not..."

"Why yes it's a bottle opener. Why no I'm not completely obsessed with my creation."

"Please, take a commemorative handkerchief on your way out."


"Premetheus awakes!"

"Quickly everyone! The Mysterious Island is destroying itself (again), we must escape!"

"Yes, the Nautilus would make the most sense, but there's no time to start up her engines!"

"We'll have to use my new, uhm...Nautil-Pods."

"I know the Neptune's style isn't quite up to snuff with the Nautilus, but Harper Goff is dead — what do you want from me man?"

"I know they're fruity, but at least having lots of these pods solves the conundrum of the multiple Nautili we had with the Disney World 20K ride."



"To the quick tubes!"

"Ah! I will mourn the loss of all my research, but there's no time!"

"I said there's no time! Now move it will you!"

"Don't push! There's one suit for everyone"

(Wouldn't that be amazing?)

"Fastpass is a real lifesaver at times like these! I almost rode and died at the head once. Thank god Fastpass use was possible."

"I admire your spirit in the face of certain death Private Yamada. Good man, carry on."

"Ah, brilliant of you to bring provisions!"

"And we're off into the unknown of the deep! Goodbye sweet Vulcania!"

—The Last Resting Place of the Nautilus—

—The Last Resting Place of the Nautil-pod—

"As I always say..."

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