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If you know any good links to add to this list, or find any of these to be broken please let me know.

Disney World 20K Ride Links

  • Mary Rolfe's 20K ride virtual tour. The original inspiration for this site! – GO
  • 20Ker Mike Lee's fantastic 20K page from his site Widen Your Word. A top notch account that's much more succinct than my sprawling mess. GO
  • Boz Adams' excellent site 20K.com for all things 20K. This guy is the master. It's too bad the site seems abandoned and several of the main nav links done work. Click the "WDW" link to get to his fine description of the 20K ride. – GO
  • Pat Regan's amazing site, Vulcania Submarine, has an abundance of images and info on 20K sub modeling as well as excellent photo collections of the various 20K rides. Pat built a 18' Nautilus that's a real one man submarine! I can't believe he was passed up for the Nobel Prize. GO
  • 20Kride.com was a Yahoo Pick of the Day! Check it out! GO
  • Jeff Lange DVD has a great series of Disney videos, incuding one on 20K ride! GO
  • Jeff Lange's two great articles on Jim Hill Media about the fate of the 20K subs post shutdown. Part I GO Part II GO
  • ED Tucker's fine article "Twenty Thousand Leagues into the Toilet" about the shutdown of the ride.GO
  • ED Tucker's article "Salvageland" featuring an interview with the owner of one of the salvage companies that bought 20K items. Facinating stuff! GO
  • Magical Memories Audio Fanzine issue on the 20K ride, featuring our very own Bass O'Conner! GO
  • DisneyPix has a great page of photos of the 1980 rehab of 20K. GO
  • The 20K ride page from John Keene's Disney World site. – GO
  • Robert LeDrew's little page with a full video of the ride. It's small but clear. GO
  • Miss M. Turners page chronicling the demolition of the ride from her site Given Eyes to See GO
  • Imagineer Bob Gurr's very techinally detailed article on the assembly of the 20K ride subs from Laughing Place. I can't even understand all of it, but it's still a great read. GO
  • Walt Dated World's page on the 20K ride. Includes the narration script. GO
  • A fine article on Disney and the 20K story, with a decent bit of 20K ride coverage from StartedByAMouse.com. GO
  • A review of the 20K ride from Disney Reviews. GO
  • A simple article on the closing of the ride from the Disney Vacation Planner. GO
  • Images of the 20K ride and a muddy Realplayer clip (don't even bother) from wdwmagic.com. – GO
  • Some trivia on the 20K ride from DisneyWordTrivia.com. – GO
  • A text only 20K tribute message board to the ride, some nice sentiments. – GO
  • You used to be able to buy reprints of the 20K ride attraction poster from Phil Sears Collectibles. GO
  • Disney's auctions site on ebay. Portholes and other parts from 20K ride appeared on the block in the past and went of astronomical prices. And apparently Disney looks more favorably upon (i.e. does not crush) fansites that provide a link, so here it is! GO

Disneyland, Tokyo, and Paris Attractions 20K Links

  • A wonderful tribute site to the 20Ks sister ride, the Submarine Voyage ride from Disneyland Califonia. GO
  • Disney Submarines, a site dedicated to chronicling the rehabilitation of the Disneyland Submarine Voyage ride with its new Finding Nemo theme. GO
  • The Extinct Attractions Club has in their vast catalog an excellent documentary on the Disneyland Submarine Voyage. – GO
  • A nice fact sheet on the Disneyland California 20K attraction of the 50's from DLDhistory. GO
  • A full write-up on the Disneyland Paris attraction from the DLP guidebook. – GO
  • Ian Parkinson's terrific photo essay of the Disneyland Paris attraction on Mouse Planet. – GO
  • Ted's smashing photo essay of the Tokyo DisneySea on Mouse Planet. His lead in has some great discussion of the various 20K rides through time. – GO
  • Laughing Place's picture tour of the Tokyo DisneySea Mysterious Island. There's a whole page of photo of the various lamps that you won't find on my site! GO
  • Laughing Place's full write-up on the Tokyo DisneySea 20K Ride. Expansive and well written, be sure to click the "Backstory and Spoilers" link at the bottom of the page for a more in depth (and gushing) description of the 20K ride.GO
  • Official Tokyo DisneySea site. Not much to see here. GO
  • A Japanese fansite for Tokyo DisneySea. The Engrish is hilarious.GO

General 20K Links

  • Official release page for the new special edition Disney 20K DVD, with the alternate sunset squid attack scene! This is an amazing DVD, you gotta buy it. GO
  • William Babington is one of the best Nautilus modelers out there, and he builds everything from scratch! Thanks for all your help man! GO
  • The Disney 20,000 Leagues Group on Yahoo, moderated by Larry Brooks, has an astounding image collection of all things 20K. They've just got everything, you gotta check it out! GO
  • Pat Regan of Vulcania Submarine also built a working 20K dive helmet! GO
  • Disneysub is a great site devoted to all things Nautilus. GO
  • Steve Solovitz's page of stunning photographs of the original 11 foot brass model of the Natilus from the film! GO
  • The site of a German 20K themed restaurant & hotel named Nautilus. GO
  • A site where you can buy the parts for an astounding paper model of the Nautilus. GO
  • The site for the ABC 20K miniseries, with Michael Cain as Nemo with a daughter onboard. Michael Cain is good, but otherwise it's pretty long and crappy. It's shot on video and the effects look awful. GO
  • The amazon.com page for the Hallmark Entertainment 20K TV movie. You know, it's so terribly cheesy that I actually enjoyed it. At least it's shot on film. Although it's pretty unforgiveable to swap out the giant squid for a leviathan; especially when you show a giant octopus on the cover! GO
  • Write up on the DVD version of the 1917 silent 20K film, with early underwater photography and ground breaking effects for the time. GO
  • A fansite listing all the 20K movies and spin-off books. GO
  • A German fansite with lots of cool foreign 20K movie posters GO
  • The amazon.com page for the restored 20K novel by Jules Verne, it's sooo much better; highly recommended. There are so many footnotes that they get really distracting if you make the mistake of trying to read them all. GO
  • Michael & Karen Crisafulli's excellent 20K section of their Gallifrey site, with lots of info on the book and cool 3D renderings of various people's takes on the Nautilus. GO
  • Quake's collection is a terrifically fun site with pictures all sorts of 20K collectables, as well as some astounding Nautilus models. GO
  • Eric Quakenbush (Quake) also designed a 20K video game for Sega CD that was never released because the console tanked before it was ready. Here's images and info GO
  • This page as a excellent photo collection of Nautilus models over the years, I especially got a kick out of the Nautilus fishing lure! GO
  • The Nautilus Drydocks is a nicely done site with lots of in depth model building info. Bob is the RC sub pro. GO
  • Yahoo Groups page for the Nautilus Collector's Group. Their photos section has a lot of great images of Nautilus models and the Disneyland 20K Exhibit. GO
  • A funny math game called "The Sunken Nautilus". Beware the Orange Warriors! A gold sticker to the first man who does the math and sends me a screen shot of the Nautilus! GO

Related Links

  • All Movie Guide's page for the TV adaptation of Peter Benchley's The Beast. It was not too bad. Not too good, but not too bad. You can fast forward to the squid attack parts. GO
  • The Search for the Giant Squid is an excellent book on all things giant squid by Richard Ellis. Everything from lore to biology to squid modeling: it's in there. Richard himself is a gas, I saw him speak at The Explorers Club in NYC and his talk was terrifically entertaining as well as awe inspiring and educational. GO
  • The PBS Nature site for their special Incredible Suckers. The computer animated giant squid vs. sperm whale fight is pretty good, but still left me unsatisfied. GO
  • Web site for the Smithsonian exhibit In Search of Giant Squid. The exhibit is still up in condensed form in the Washington DC Natural History Museum. Good times. GO
  • The American Museum of Natural History in New York City has a fantastic diorama of a giant squid and sperm whale locked in mortal combat. It's featured in the film "The Squid and the Whale", but the diorama didn't exist till years after the film is supposed to take place. Here's a hot photo I took of it! GO
  • The Museum of Unnatural Mystery is a well researched, yet nicely tongue-in-cheek site about all sorts of extraodinary phenomena. Here's their giant squid page with some great retro styel 3D rendered images. GO
  • Ferry Halim's Orisinal site has the most beautiful flash games imaginable. I can honestly say I've felt moved by some of them. The Bottom of the Sea game was part of the inspiration for my site. There really is a bottom, go dive for it. GO

Totally Unrelated Links

  • I'm not just a weirdo with too much time on his hands, I'm also a filmmaker. I have a production company with my best friend Ben called Professor Bright Films. Here's our web site; check out some films. GO
  • Home Star Runner is the best. Just the best. Go and watch till you love it. GO