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20K Exhibit at Disneyland California (1955-66)

This attraction was a walkthrough exhibit, not a ride, where visitors could see various props and sets from the film. Sounds boring, but remember, the set designer had just won the Academy Award for Art Direction and every kid was psyched to step into the Nautilus. Look at the map below to see the names of the various stations. It did have a sizeable giant squid, so it gets my stamp of approval. They did have color photography at this time, (it's only one year after the movie was shot) so I don't know why so many of the photos I find are black & white.

This is a fabulous color poster that Ted drew for Disney back in the day.

Step right up!

Check out the full size version of this map to read the titles of various stations.

Another map of the layout.

Most of the color shots on this page are from a 3D viewmaster disk. It's really fantastic to see them in 3D if you can get your hands on the disk. I got mine on ebay for only a few bucks.

The actual Nautilus model used in the film in front of the actual matte paintings! This place was like Planet Hollywood! Except it was only one film... that wasn't made in Hollywood...

The Salon.

I love the design of the Victorian future!

Nemo's original organ from the movie is now in the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. You can go see it today!

Nemo's organ.

The lighting is so much more dramatic in this one.

A cutaway of the wheelhouse. The Nautilus' eyes look so buggy there.

Here are some creepy sepia photos of the wheelhouse. These certainly don't look pro, I guess they let some people walk into the sets...

Engine Room.

Engine Room + Paul Brooks.

The Reactor. Everyone who got near it go radiation poisioning. It was the 50's don't you know.

Dive suits!

The real giant squid from the movie!

Comfy lookn' couch. Imagine if this was your living room, so you'd have a porthole with a giant squid outside instead of a TV. I love it.

You're just asking to get that finger bitten off little girl.

Yet another tank with a giant squid in it that I will never swim in...sigh. I hate to admit it, but it really does look like this giant squid would kick the ass of the Disney World 20K ride's giant squid.

Larry Brooks is crazy! Who let him in there! And how can he breathe underwater??
Before Larry got caught and yanked out of there he managed to saw off a tentacle sucker with a key. He still has it today (except he can't remember where it is!).

This photo is just called "last day". I have no idea what that means. The day they tore it all down? Apparently most of the sets were destroyed after the exhibit closed; though several nice models survive and can be found hanging around disney parks to this day.

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