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Les Mystères du Nautilus at Disneyland Paris — Exterior

Just as Disney closed The Best Ride Ever, they opened this inferior attraction. It's a walkthough, not a ride, and apparently it's rather underwhelming; but at least there's a brief encounter with Nemo’s nemesis, the giant squid (pictures please!). Unlike the Disneyland California walkthough, you're meant to believe that you're actually walking through the Nautilus (even though you're not). But for all its shortcomings, there no denying that the interior detail is terrific. Here's a link to a full review of this attraction, and Boz Adams' site also has a good description of it with lots of detailed notes. That guy knows everything about 20K. Ian Parkinson of Mouse Planet also has a fine description accompanying his photo essay. Originally there was going to be a "Nemo's Secret Lair" part to this attraction, but it got scrapped; here's a description of how it was to be.

Well, the Nautilus is certainly lookn' good.

I don't know how I feel about their decision to mount that big goofy telescope on her back though.

These next few pictures almost give the illusion that it's moving, but it's doesn't. You have to use you imagination.


Somehow these bubbles aren't as exciting as the WDW ones. I guess because they're not obscuring robotic turtles from view.

Whatever you do—don't blink.

Look at all those rivets!

I don't know what they're worried about, it's not going anywhere.

Okay too close. This one gives away that the whole thing is one big concrete block.

You enter under that tower.

I don't know how I feel about this tower thingy...

Nope, no better at night.

Okay, that's pretty cool.

God, they make it look like some fruity carnival ride.

"N" is for Nautilus!

Awful lot of "N"s around here...

It's a little known fact that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was actually written in French, so this bilingual sign isn't as odd as it seems.

This is a shot of the attraction while it was still under construction.

This is from when they drained the pool to clean it. Can you imagine if you went all the way to France to see this attraction and when you got there it was like this? Man that would suck.

This Nautilus doesn't have a point either! What gives? I understand that maybe couldn't put points on the Disney World 20K subs for fear that someone would get skewered, but why emasculate this one? It's not like it moves.

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